Making Great Project Goals with Your Designer

You’re frustrated with your website, or you don’t love the colors in your logo, so you think you’re ready to hire a designer… 

First, let’s rewind and think about the big picture! 

As designers and digital marketing professionals we don’t want to just hear about your favorite colors, we want to know about your overall business goals! Who is your target audience? Where do you want your business to be five years from now? What goals do you want to accomplish in the next six months? What frustration points are you having with current and potential consumers? What’s your brand story? How can we tell it better? 

These are the questions we ask here at Emerald to get to the bottom of your brand, story, mission, values and ultimately, how all that will be told with compelling visuals. 

Right now we’re working with LineSync Architecture, a firm that specializes in high profile innovative municipal, corporate and unique residential environments with a green and sustainable emphasis. The LineSync team asked us to help pull in bigger jobs that make more of an energy impact.

Here’s a brief glimpse into our process: 


  • Increase large-scale project inquiries to make a bigger sustainable impact 
  • Lack of time and experience to dedicate to marketing which has led to outdated website and materials 

Proposed Solutions

  • Better showcase B-Corp status and sustainable work with high profile clients 
  • Optimize website for mobile use, include a blog and fast-loading and detailed case studies 
  • Create a simple and straightforward digital marketing plan using a solid brand identity and profile on Behance 

Measurements of Success

  • Number of project invitations
  • Scale of incoming projects  
  • Social engagement, number of website visits 
  • Client feedback 

Check out the full case study in progress. The Emerald team is looking forward to taking an in-depth look at your entire system, performing user interviews, and auditing your competition to implement creative solutions that solve problems and provide results.