Golden Valley Ingredients

The goal of the brand is to establish a stronger  connection between GVI, the local farmers and the community. GVI is working to provide supply chain visibility as a way to start this process. Farmers will begin to know what consumer products their crop will contribute to. The food community is reaching toward a progressive way of looking at the source of the food and celebrating the grower.



It’s our intention to lead the way to a sustainable future by bringing premium ingredients to a world that needs them. This direction gives an emphasis to Golden Valley County, so as not to lose the connection with GVI’s roots. First the rays of the sun are strong. Second, the seeds are being planted in the ground. Third, underlining it all, the V shape represents simultaneously the farrow and the valley.


The world of sustainable agriculture allows us to produce
quality ingredients without compromising the ability of the
next generation to do the same.

Through supply chain visibility, best-in-class technology, high food-safety standards and uniting together with our farmers, it’s our mission to bring visibility to every step of that process so that together, we can pave the path towards a more sustainable future.


GVI is made up of two forward thinking businessmen and farmers. They wanted to provide both the market and the farmers of North Dakota with a different way of doing business. 

At Golden Valley Ingredients, we’re dedicated to delivering premium, quality ingredients to the world while honoring the farms they came from and the farmers that grew them.