NOW Care believes in inspiring, helping, and empowering individuals to embrace a sustainable lifestyle and be part of a collective movement towards positive change. As explorers of our beautiful planet, NOW Care understands that it’s time for us to give back and make better choices to combat issues like climate change. 


By taking a bold step, our goal is to inspire those around us to join in the adventure of reducing waste, respecting our resources, and contributing to a sustainable future. We will show you how luxurious products can be accessible, healthy, and ecologically mindful.


We dedicate ourselves to offering sustainable, waste-free products that will prioritize the health of the individual and the planet. As we work together to treasure our natural resources, we can enjoy high-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced. With NOW Care, we will feel that we are making the necessary changes to reduce waste and give back to the planet.


The founders of NOW Care, Claire and Larina from Switzerland, have brought together their unique expertise and diverse backgrounds, drawing on their strengths, to create their brand. Their mission is powerful yet simple: to create a profound yet easy solution to reduce plastic waste in the bathroom while guiding those who want to make a difference.