Ciclo - CBD Software

The goal of the brand is to offer transparency, increase responsibility, and empower operators within the cannabis industry. Ciclo believes in offering innovative solutions that are grounded in the communities they serve. Their technologies are bold and cutting edge but an integral part of their brand is to be grounded, humble, honesty, and relatable to their customers. Being community focused, Ciclo encourages feedback to help them evolve and improve so they can always offer the right solutions. 


Ciclo creates innovative solutions by designing accessible, efficient and transparent software for the cannabis community while ensuring that everyone receives fair recognition for their work. Ciclo strives to create community-centered solutions that provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds to participate in the emerging cannabis industry.


Conciso / Concise: We want to address operator needs using as few words as possible because we value our customers’ time and we are clear, transparentes, and direct about the services we offer.

Humble / Humble : We are modest and flexible and ready to take on feedback to help make our services work better for you.

Informativo / Informative : We believe that sharing information is powerful and we offer verified, trustworthy information to help you make informed choices about your business.

Bilingüe / Bilingual: We are influenced by our South American Indígena roots and, through language, we build a bridge between English y el español.


Ciclo is a company with strong Latin American Indígena roots, that supports people at every step in cannabis production by offering complete software technology for all cannabis operations. Ciclo is connected to each individuals’ experience of producing and selling cannabis and wants to provide the right technologies to generate more connections between relevant people in the industry. Ciclo provides easy-to-digest information and user-friendly platforms that take the fuss out of business. Ciclo provides a space where people can belong and become members of a community within a dependable, safe, and reliable system of operation. With Ciclo, you can trust that your product will do its job and work seamlessly with others, while saving you time and money.