Lori of Wellness Bender

Lori Bender is a holistic health coach who came to us for a second time to refresh her branding to target an older and more focused audience she had begun to have success in. Her previous branding targeted 20-30 year old nomadic and carefree clients living in places like Bali and Thailand.


Wellness Bender strives to create a new way of thinking about life, goals and what one can accomplish both mentally and physically.


Lori’s business is sustainable through and through. She practices holistic health care – drives into habits, routines about diet exercise and the mind. Her main tool is creating counsiciness by establishing a daily meditation and journaling practice for her clients. We have built a digital ecosystem for her business. Classes, communication, client tools and scheduling are run via her website and social media. Business cards are printed on the Mohawk Renewable Paper line using recycled cotton from the scraps at fashion assembly lines. 


During her work as a real estate agency in New York City, Lori began to have random health issues pop up. What was a journey that began with a closer look into her diet, turned into a path that led her to discover how the stress of her job was the root of the problem. Soon, Lori found herself unable to peel away from classes on meditation, supplements, yoga and diets. Friends and family also started coming to her for advice and began to have a real, measurable impact on their lives — especially for her co-workers. Lori came to us for an image targeted to older, well established real estate agents of NY and LA struggling with the Always-Be-Selling work culture.


Warm & nurturing
Creating a compassionate haven for all problems and challenges

Depth & sustainability
Developing relationships that provide root deep solutions that last a lifetime.

Soulful & Passionate
Coming from a place of hope, enthusiasm and giving a chance for a fresh start

Knowledgeable, with credibility
Bringing credibility and experience to not only the board view, but the tiny details.

Raw Process

Take a sneak peek at branding process including sketches and alternative creative directions