Sustainable, Radiant & Durable Branding

Leverage the power of strategy, brand design, & data visualization to win bigger funding and win more customers. Focus on how to educate, inform & inspire without expressing any guilt or negative feelings around climate.

Not sure where to start?

Your brand ultimately boils down to your customer or investor’s perception. Rebranding allows you to redefine the your positioning—and raise your asking price accordingly. Take this quiz to see if you are ready for a fresh brand look.

Client quotes

Angie provided exceptional brand positioning and strategy work for our sustainable apparel brand. Her inherent ability to grasp our ideas and run with it was first-class. Products were delivered ahead of schedule and barely any changes were needed as she hit everything spot on; a true testament to her key skills and attributes.

In addition, she provided invaluable research of our brand name, which ultimately saved us from choosing a name that would have had too many competing search results. Readily accepts and welcomes feedback. Definitely someone you want on your team. 

-Justin Hines, CEO Aturnal Collective 

I was tasked with revamping the image and communications of a cannabis tech company and Angie was incredible to work with. She did a lot of research into our complicated market, listened to our values and company roots, and helped refine our voice and audience. 

The logos and fonts were beyond what we expected too. Her eye for color, balance and design was an invaluable resource. She’s a great communicator, delivers on time, and was genuinely a joy to work with.
I recommend Angie for any branding work you need.

-Colleen King, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Ciclo Saas

Angie goes the extra mile–she’s flexible, responsive, and brings her great creative sensibilities to all our graphics projects.

-Jim Corbett, Visual Communication Lead, National Park Service (retired)

Angie was a dream to work with. Always thoughtful with any project that came her way, they established templates for large annual reports that we still utilize today.

-Robin Strelow, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Creative Director (retired)

Angie articulated her process well, got to know our business as the project kicked off and was responsive to feedback. She helped clearly define milestones and was punctual (or early) at every step. Angie’s work product exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend working with her.

-Molly Kamrath, GVI & Anchor Ingredients, Operations Manager (parent brand of GVI)

Step x step

01. Research

Our team will evaluate your brand’s position, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The brand audit report provides you with detailed information of identified potential areas for improvement, implications and recommendations on how to overcome your challenges.

Marketplace research uncovers valuable information guiding us in the right direction in the development of a rebranding strategy and other business strategies. Based on insights we ensure that your reasons for rebranding are valid and that the direction of your rebranding matches consumer needs.

The brand comes from both the top-level mission and vision, but also from the innovative tech or science that you are pushing forward. We spend time to fully understand the engineering in order to bring into up to the surface of the brand. We think it should take a main role in brand visuals and communication. We help you to bring your sustainability data to the forefront, in order to enhance your sales and marketing efforts, supporting a strong brand foundation.

To get ahead of your competition you need to know about their strengths and weaknesses. Our team will deep dive and analyze your competitors – finding out what they are doing and how they are doing it. The intel from conducting a competitor audit will help us figure out how to improve your business strategies and outbrand your competitors.

02. Strategy

Our objective opinion brings focus and clarity, helping you to understand and reconstruct your brand‘s positioning. We looks at your true USP. It could lead to a full-scale rebrand or just some strategic tweaks. This involves finding a brand “personality” that speaks and looks different that your competition.

The goal of developing a brand architecture is to provide structure and hierarchy, by organizing your portfolio of brands, products and services. This will send a clear and consistent brand message to your customers, making it easier to recognize and understand your communications.

We explore and develop the essence of your brand using the brand model – why, how, what, who. Questions like why you exist, what you’re aiming for, how you’ll get there and who you are talking to are important key questions. Definition of your brand personality and brand values as well as a short brand summation (internal short manifesto) will be explored and developed.

We’ll develop a brand story that establishes your purpose, core values and mission. A story that offers an experience beyond your products or services, exceeding everyday reality, that motivates your audience to step into that experience.

03. Identity

Let’s pull all the work we did before into a clear creative brief document. If you already have a creative brief and everything above done, let’s jump into a brand workshop call first.

We will present 2 style scapes –  carefully collected combination of images, textures, typography, and colors as a starting point for us to align on vision.

We will present 2 fully formed creative directions. This will include – logo design and variations, typography, color scheme, and extra design elements – for example, the tagline designs, auxiliary marks and some icon ideas. To compare logos in real life, view the logos on mocked-up business cards, packaging, or socials for your business.

Following your feedback, we will collaborate with you to nail down the final brand identity, making sure you are getting a design in line with your vision. This is done with two rounds of revisions.

A brand identity guidebook will include specific and easy to use directions for using
colors, typography, spacing, logo versions, and sizes. As well as layout, illustration, and
photography directions.

04. Apply

User journey – Outlining the customer touch points in the marketing & sales funnels. Supply Chain Journey – Let’s go through your business and see where there is an opportunity to communicate your brand through visuals, education or storytelling. Once we understand how to build a converting brand for you, we will begin to create.

A complete redesign or a UI guide

Scientific visualization
Infographic design
Diagrams and charts

Annual Reports
ESG Reports
Sustainability Reports
Pitch decks