The challenge is to encourage a habit of reuse from the consumer from an emotional durable brand identity

We wanted to create a concept to demonstrate the possibility of sustainability as an innovative force in a business. We also wanted to explore alternative packaging materials within a refillable system. We created Onix Aloe Cosmetics as a concept of what could be done.


Engaging brand // On trend // unique brand voice


Use of new alternative materials in the packaging // renewable or recycles


This is the current landscape of sustainable or maybe green-washed products in the cosmetic industry. We mapped out the logos and some of the social media campaigns so see how they are functioning.


The target market for Onix is the 18 – 30 year-old urban women. This career woman is environmentally conscious, but doesn’t want to give up her makeup purchasing habits. She is focused on looking and feeling sexy, but wants to avoid the guilt that comes with cheap ingredients, unethically sourced products, and plastic packaging that comp the typical makeup line. When a woman buys new lipstick, she should be excited by the new shade, and new long-lasting formula.


Emotionally durable design

The approach to the project was to create the most sustainable packaging possible, but also to build an Emotionally durable design to reduce consumption and waste by strengthening the bonds between consumers and their products. It impacts consumer behavior and purchasing habits by lending a very human approach to sustainable design.


The first challenge was to think of an emotionally appealing brand. We went for the tagline: “Pure Sin” and incorporated hints of demonic elements and heavy metal from the existing logo. We went with a bold color palette of neon and red to contrast the natural beige tones of the bamboo.


Packaging The second challenge was thinking of alternative packaging resources that could be brought into production. Bamboo is highly durable and could serve as the base of the cosmetic tubes. Recycled plastic could serve as the part that holds the lipsticks and is the replaced part when a new color is ordered. It could also be shipped back and refilled.