The target market for Onix is the 18 – 30 year-old urban women, drag queens, feminists and tree-huggers. This career woman is environmentally conscious, but doesn’t want to give up her makeup purchasing habits.


Style Scape

Sketches and Process


Pure Sin : Giving women and drag queens the ability to feel and sexy without the burned of a guilty purchase. 


The first challenge was to think of an emotionally appealing brand. We went for the tagline: “Pure Sin” and incorporated hints of demonic elements and heavy metal from the existing logo. We went with a bold color palette of neon and red to contrast the natural beige tones of the bamboo. 

The second challenge was thinking of alternative packaging resources that could be brought into production. Bamboo is highly durable and could serve as the base of the cosmetic tubes. Recycled plastic could serve as the part that holds the lipsticks and is the replaced part when a new color is ordered. It could also be shipped back and refilled.


Onix was birthed in a simple kitchen in a small New York apartment. Frustrated with always breaking out in a rash from her lipstick, a glamour queen by night started experimenting with using ingredients from her local market. Combining organic pigments, and aloe vera from her garden, she soon invited her drag friends over to make something that could last an entire night’s performance.  


The Ethical Sinner : You can have your cake and eat it too.

First and foremost, we a cosmetics company that values the planet and it’s precious resources. 

Universal Feminist
Not just traditional females, but drag queens and anyone else who identifies as a woman. 

Open and Inclusive
We aim to bring others in to share perspectives that are diverse and fully considered.

Raw Process

Take a sneak peek at branding process including sketches and alternative creative directions