Guilt Free Green Marketing

No one wants to be guilted into doing the right thing. It doesn’t feel good for either side of the exchange. It is not sexy to be reminded of a responsibility you should do, yet I see this guilt driven marketing a lot in the sustainability space. Yes, we should all be recycling better but […]

Black is the New Green: Energy Use in UX/UI

“When in doubt, always go with black.” I have switched all my interfaces to black or “night mode.” It makes me feel like I am a high profile developer hocking my way into a very important website. If you think of all the energy all of our screens are using a simple switch to back […]

Onix Aloe Cosmetics & Emotional Durability

Emotional Brand Onix Aloe Cosmetics challenged Emerald Studio to create packaging so beautiful, unique and eye-catching that the consumer wouldn’t want to throw it away. To encourage a habit of reuse, Onix wanted a design that popped, engaged and enhanced the identity of the user. The target market for Onix is the 18 – 30 […]