Care & Cedar


Initial Brand Identity for Funding 


Care and Cedar is a home furnishing supplier. They curate sustainable products with a unique aesthetic. The owners are two 2 interior designers and a textile designer who are passionate about self expression supporting a responsible supply chain of furniture and materials. 

Throughout their careers, they gathered business and people that were taking the extra effort to become sustainable not at the sacrifice of style. Frustrated with the limited amount of options, they decided to join together and start sourcing, curating and creating their own stylish home furnishings for others to find.


Bring sustainable options into the home design space.

Encourage a culture shift to interior design landscape towards green products and supply chain.

At this point, they need to look sleek and professional to investors for start-up money. Soon they will need to develop an app with a large database.

Seed Paper

This handmade paper includes a number of different plant seeds.  When the client arrives home, they can immediately plant the business card. The seeds will sprout when the paper is planted in soil, growing a positive reminder of Care & Cedar everyday.