Strategy Guidebook Download

Want to see the end product? No more about page headaches!

Strategy Process


Call - 1 Hour

Are you continually editing your “About” page? Can’t settle on a tagline that communicates clearly who you are? The Brand Positioning Guidebook you create with me or with your market research will inform and sculpt your brand strategy workshop call.

We will focus our razor attention on one forced and niched buyer persona. With your team, we will also start scaffolding your positioning statement, brand core, story, personality, and taglines with a series of worksheets and questions. Finally, we will begin crafting style starting with a Pinterest board as a base. Phew!

Work - 1 Week

After the call, I can begin to work with the brand copywriter to perfect the strategy and form 3 tagline options to choose from. The taglines will also fold into three different style boards based on the focused buyer persona.

We will offer styles ranging from a more traditionalist, safe choice to a bold and daring option. The third or “middle” direction will be a mix of both safe and dangerous styles.

Delivery Call - 1 Hour

A draft of the Brand Strategy Guidebook will be delivered and discussed with you and your team. We will discuss what needs adjusting and set up customer interviews to test the brand core, messaging, and taglines.

Revisions - 1 Week

A timeline of  1 week and two rounds of revisions will be given to make it perfect. I want you to feel satisfied with the final product, but, even more importantly, I want to test your strategy with your future clients. If you have current customers, I want to interview them. If you don’t have any yet, we will hunt them down in Facebook groups and offer them an incentive for their time.

Final Product - Strategy Guidebook

Brand Strategy Guidebook. This will include your Brand Core – Why : Purpose, What : Vision + Values, How : Mission. Brand Story + Positioning Statement + Tagline and three style boards. 

Based on your comprehensive feedback and the detailed customer interviews, we will have a dynamic strategy that reflects your business and speaks to your target market. Now you have content for your about page, social media profiles, and internal documents. I have attached a sample of work.  

Strategy Guidebook Download

Download a past example of client Brand Strategy Guidebook. It will give you a real look at the work we do - so there is no guessing to what we deliver.