01 – One week

Match Making

First Call

Give us a ring or Zoom call to figure out if your project matches our capabilities and skills.

Budget & Timeline Fit

We can draw up a scope of work and give you a ball park number. We can also let you know when we can launch your project to get you rollin' in the dough!


Contracts and official business! Let's make sure we both know what we are getting into with clear words.

Schedule a Call

Let's try to make a match!

02 – One week

Project Launch

Market Research

Where is the brand gap and how are you going to stand out in a sea of competitors? We will match your unique story and inspirations and place it in a spot that looks and feels nothing like the rest of your market landscape.

Brand Workshop

Our creative director and content writer will interview the owners and any other company stakeholders. We have a series of questions and worksheets to get to the root of your brand story. We want to dig deep and really find that hidden gem that makes your sustainable story strong and memorable.

Our Sustainable Resources

03 – Two Weeks

Brand Directions

Brand Style Scape

After the brand workshop, we will create a Pinterest board to ensue that the brand style is accurately visualized. Cardboard brown and leaves are not needed. We will collect what inspires in terms of photography, mood, personality, color, type and attitude for your brand.

3 Creative Directions

We will deliver 3 Creative Directions which includes 3 separate logos, illustration style, photography directions and color pallets. Get a real sense of how everything could look through mock-ups of packaging or other applications that is specific to your business needs.

Initial Brand Voice

A draft of the brand voice, personality, values, purpose & positioning will be ready for review as well. These will be the guide to your company's blog posts, public relations, social media descriptions and website copy.

The Creative Directions

See exactly what we deliver to our clients when we present 3 Creative Directions.

04 – One HOUR

Client Feedback

Feedback Call

Let's talk about the progress that has been made. Is everything up to standards? Which direction is feeling the closest to your original vision?

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05 – One week

Final Brand

Brand Identity Book

Workable logo pack that includes the smallest and simplest mark, to the full, large formatted logo to alternative secondary marks. The book will serve as a detailed guide to any further work outlining accurate color pallets, typography, spacing, formatting as well as illustration styles and photography directions.

Print Collateral

Need business cards, stationary, email signatures, or shirts? We got you covered with sustainable paper and materials sourced from responsible companies.

Social Profiles

All your social accounts will be covered with your new branding. We makes sure all designs are geared toward each specific platform while ensuring aesthetic consistency.

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