Positioning Guidebook Download

We compare and analyze your competitor's sustainable claims and see if the are green washing. We look at colors, logos to determine if there is a brand look and feel we could stand out with.

Positioning Process


Call - 1 Hour

Are you trying to market to everyone under the sun? Are you trying to cast a wide net in an attempt to get the most money? Are you struggling with indecision about your target audience? Do you know who your real competition is? Are you looking at your competitors, green with envy, making you feel small and invisible?

It’s time for your business to see the sunshine so let’s breakthrough that darkened canopy of competitors. While your branches are soaring to the sky, I’ll make sure the roots of your business are strong with a solid foundation. If you are already crystal clear on who your target market is, congrats! This is one of the hardest parts of branding, and you can skip down to Brand Strategy.

Work - 1 Week

Positioning Work – Let’s nurture that place where you and your brand can stand out and shine. You will come through like a rainbow unicorn in a black forest because you will know exactly what your brand offers, and so will everyone else: strong roots and total confidence.

Firstly, I will make a visual brand comparison. Developing a logo that looks exactly like another competitor’s is about the worst thing that can happen. Remember, standing out for your uniqueness is vital.

Secondly, I will make a verbal brand comparison. What claims to sustainability are they making? Is it greenwashed? Being informed about your competitors puts you in a power position that we will leverage to our advantage.

Finally, I will propose a draft buyer personas. How do you achieve an emotionally durable brand position that pops and connects with your audience? By finding a niche buyer persona, of course. Forget about demographics. You need to have a psychographic profile in today’s age of the internet.


Delivery Call - 1 Hour

Positioning Delivery Call – Let’s talk about the results. What positions have we identified as being available for your new brand? Which audience do you feel most emotionally connected with? Who will get you out of bed every morning, dying to deliver your best? Where do the money and your energy intersect?

I have over six years of experience in getting creative entrepreneur minds like yours to focus and learn how to be comfortable saying “No” in the pursuit of the one single “FUCK YES.”

Revisions - 1 Week

Positioning Revisions – I give you one week to decide. It’s that simple. Let’s be quick to move forward with one particular and focused buyer persona. It is more important to start, fail, LEARN, and start again than to not start at all in business. I will offer support and help you through the painful process of choosing.

To make a lot of money, you’re going to have to solve one type of person’s problems, at least to start. This is the simple yet powerful KEY in building trust with your customers so that they whip out their hard-earned cash, willingly and without hesitation. You are building trust = solid reputation.

You will walk away with a single specific audience, who will become the saplings of your Empire, growing into well-established followers of your ideology.

Final Product - Positioning Guidebook

Positioning Final Product – We will have two rounds to get to the final buyer persona profile. This will include a unique integration of demographics, psychology, social media hangouts, and offline whereabouts. I will document the entire process and work in a Brand Positioning Guidebook for you to use for investors or a pitch deck. I will also use this in our workshop when we move forward with the Brand Strategy.

Positioning Guidebook Download

Download a past example of client Brand Positioning Guidebook. It will give you a real look at the work we do for positioning.