3 Creative Directions Download

Needing and wanting an attention hogging brand? Download an example of our first Identity deliverable - The 3 Creative Directions.

Identity Process


Call - 1 Hour

Is your logo letting the team down? Could it be more bold and exciting? Are your customers confused about what it looks like? Are your Instagram colors all over the place? Your logo should be a work of art that you are in love with. If it’s not, now is the time we dig deep into the visuals of your brand. 

Let’s begin with an open mind and a clear table where we can explore the previous style boards, your Pinterest board, and your current design efforts. If you didn’t do a complete Brand Strategy with me, then a short version will be necessary, where I will collect your competitors’ logos, personas, and brand messaging. 

Then we will talk about the feelings, emotions, and aesthetics that you want your brand to emulate by creating or solidifying three different styles.

The 3 Creative Directions - 2 Weeks

I will spend a focused two weeks to craft three creative directions for your brand. This work will focus on three different logos and typography pairings. The creative directions come with: 3 logo choices with three typographic pairings, secondary marks (logo plus the tagline), three color palettes, 3 Illustration/pattern directions.

Delivery Call - 1 Hour

Time to determine what integrates well for you and your team and what isn’t. What is working and what is not? Which one is branching out far and beyond your competitors’? What tweaks need to be made? This is also the time to collect customer information for testing or start to source more customers.

Revisions & Market Feedback - 2 Weeks

Again, I want to please you, but, more importantly, I want to test the visual brand directions with your future clients. Like with the Brand Strategy, I have a set of interview questions to determine which brand identity direction will be the most successful for your niche and your business goals. This is a critical factor in determining the success of your brand. Based on client feedback (and yours!), we will refine the brand strategy and identity into a final sleek and sexy product.

Final Product - Identity Guidebook

Your Brand Identity Guidebook will include specific and easy to use directions for using colors, typography, spacing, logo versions, and sizes. As well as layout, illustration, and photography directions.

You and your business will be launched into action with a modern and innovative Workable Logo Pack, a complete and comprehensive collection of RGB and CMYK logos. It will also contain secondary marks in color and in black and white, in all different sizes.

As a bonus, I will also include a Social Branding Pack, which is a consistent, ready-to-go brand launch for all your social media profiles. I have attached a sample of work to give you an idea.

Together, let’s make your brand come alive and thrive in a new and dynamic age.

Brand Collateral - TBA - 1 Hour Call

Print and packaging projects are usually incredibly unique and have their own challenges and goals. I help guide you through the sustainable processes and materials. I will help you pick out the right paper stock and source. I work with a sustainable industrial designer to complete multi layer packaging and shipping projects such as food or international products.

Identity Guidebook Download

Download a past example of client Brand Identity Guidebook. It will give you a real look at the work we do - so there is no guessing to what we deliver.