Gas One

The goal of this project was a refresh for the brand as the company moves towards developing alternative fuels for their traditionally propane products. 

Gas One believes that they will build a community-minded collective of people who value the excitement and therapeutic power of the great outdoors, fostering a healthy relationship with themselves, their loved ones, and their community. Gas One wants to help create soul-nurturing traditions that can be enjoyed by families now, and for future generations.


By offering a wide range of affordable and reliable products that do not compromise quality, we will debunk the myth that good quality products are not affordable. This will mean that more people will be able to enjoy life’s pleasures with our products.


Conscious & Responsible: We take responsibility for our brand and we provide only sustainable and high-quality products that we would use for ourselves. We are changing our products and technology into alternative fuels and bottles.

Encouraging & motivating: We believe in the happiness you can create in your life and we want to encourage you to get in touch with your roots and venture into the great outdoors to increase personal growth and fulfillment.


Gas One is a company that helps people to develop deep connections with each other, whether these connections come from our biological family, friendships, or our respective communities. We want to convey that the outdoors and food are two things that can help bring people together. Gas One believes that BBQing provides an opportunity for people to, not only take a break from the hustle and bustle of their lives, but also creates the space to really connect with themselves and each other at a deeper level. We want to inspire people to choose adventure in their lives and creating lasting memories and traditions. At Gas One, you don’t have to be an expert, you just have to want to embrace all of what life can offer you.