Onix Aloe Cosmetics & Emotional Durability

Emotional Brand

Onix Aloe Cosmetics challenged Emerald Studio to create packaging so beautiful, unique and eye-catching that the consumer wouldn’t want to throw it away. To encourage a habit of reuse, Onix wanted a design that popped, engaged and enhanced the identity of the user.

The target market for Onix is the 18 – 30 year-old Urban women. This career woman is environmentally conscious, but doesn’t want to give up her makeup purchasing habits. She is focused on looking and feeling sexy, but wants to avoid the guilt that comes with cheap ingredients, unethically sourced products, and plastic packaging that comp the typical makeup line. When a woman buys new lipstick, she should be excited by the new shade, new long-lasting formula, AND the package aesthetic. Plus the hope that the shiny new hue won’t end up on their teeth in the middle of the day at work… again.

Emerald optimized the Onix tagline: “Pure Sin” and incorporated hints of demonic elements and heavy metal from the existing logo. We went with a bold color pallet of neon and red to contrast the natural beige tones of the bamboo. 


The end result is a reusable standardized package built with sustainable bamboo wood for “wow” factor and durability. The standard sizing allows consumers to change their minds, trying new colors whenever they reorder. From the very first touch point, we wanted consumers to establish an emotional connection with the brand… enough so that they would hang on to the refillable tubes long enough to re-order instead of jumping to a new brand with their next purchase. What’s more, the bamboo reduces costs and packaging, establishing Onix as economical, sustainable and durable. 
Emotionally durable design is so compelling because it aims to reduce consumption and waste by strengthening the bonds between consumers and their products. It impacts consumer behavior and purchasing habits by lending a very human approach to sustainable design. Emerald specializes in strategizing, brainstorming and executing designs with lasting power, giving value and meaning to your already sustainable business and product.