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Client Quotes​

Client Quotes​

I was tasked with revamping the image and communications of a cannabis tech company and Angie was incredible to work with. She did a lot of research into our complicated market, listened to our values and company roots, and helped refine our voice and audience. The logos and fonts were beyond what we expected too. Her eye for color, balance and design was an invaluable resource. She's a great communicator, delivers on time, and was genuinely a joy to work with. I recommend Angie for any branding work you need.
Colleen King
Strategic Sourcing Manager, Ciclo
Angie provided exceptional brand positioning and strategy work for our sustainable apparel brand. Her inherent ability to grasp our ideas and run with it was first-class. Products were delivered ahead of schedule and barely any changes were needed as she hit everything spot on; a true testament to her key skills and attributes. In addition, she provided invaluable research of our brand name, which ultimately saved us from choosing a name that would have had too many competing search results. Readily accepts and welcomes feedback. Definitely someone you want on your team. We are already planning on future jobs with her.
Justin Hines
Aturnal Collective
Angie goes the extra mile--she's flexible, responsive, and brings her great creative sensibilities to all our graphics projects.
Jim Corbett
National Park Service
Angie articulated her process well, got to know our business as the project kicked off and was responsive to feedback. She helped clearly define milestones and was punctual (or early) at every step. Angie's work product exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend working with her.
Molly Kamrath
Anchor Ingredients
Angie was a dream to work with. Always thoughtful with any project that came her way, they established templates for large annual reports that we still utilize today.
Robin Strelow
Colorado Parks & Wildlife