Recycled content can be post or pre-consumer content. Pre-consumer means material that was waste in a manufacturing process, it can be of the same or from a different industry. Post-consumer is what it sounds. After the product has been consumed, the leftover packaging returns to the processing of being made into something new instead of going into the landfill.

Recycled content can mean more than one thing and consumers are trending on buying packaging a products made consciously. I just noticed a new box wine on the self, Bota Box made with recycled cardboard and a clear mission statement dedicated to the environment. I have never bought  boxed wine, but seeing this packaging, I was included to buy. Discovering that the wine is very tasty, now I am a loyal fan of this wine!

Showcasing that a package is made from recycled content is a fantastic way to gain brand loyalty. It shows that there was a thought process is the design process and not just an emphasis on the marketing work. These claims need to pass the Federal Trade Commision to avoid any gray areas with consumers. The same audience that looks for these types of products or services will also not be fooled by small claims. Just because a company made a tiny change to become more green, something called “green washing” does not mean that it will not be researched by consumers.

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

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