Green Hosts


Going paperless is an efficient way to reduce waste and conserve resources. However, websites and apps can have large carbon footprints too. The energy it takes to run websites and other digital media is commonly coming from web hosts running on fossil fuels. With millions of servers growing to accommodate more websites, there is and will be more demand on those resources. Choosing to go with a green host is the best and the easiest way to offset that energy.

Consumers are becoming aware of websites who power with renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Using a green host also means that you get to show it off! There is no harm in letting your customers know that you went the extra step in your business. Recently the cost of green hosting has come down to meet competition with the other hosting companies.

Make sure to check host’s certifications they advertise though. There are many different independent agencies that offer their own certificates. Check their policies carefully and make sure you understand what they actually do to be green. Hosts can become green by planting trees or buying carbon offsets. Any of theses ways if a fantastic way to help the environment! Contact us for if you need help transferring your website.  

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