Cotton Paper


Everyday the market for alternative papers is getting cheaper and more efficient at production. Consumer demand for product that avoid using tress is also growing as well with good reason. Trees take an enormous amount of time, resources and energy to grow. A renewable source of paper needs to take market demand to relieve stress on forests and the people who work in the paper industry.

Cotton paper is stronger than wood fiber. It wont yellow over time and it has a very unique, expensive feels to it the moment you touch it. Cotton has a unique luxurious touch that you can feel the moment you come into contact with it. Cotton is also a highly renewable plant and compared to trees, produces more paper per acre. Cotton grows fast and takes less energy to turn into pulp.

The cotton is not the same as the cotton that goes into clothes. It is the lintes which is the byproduct of the textile industry. Usually these fibers would go into the landfill. Cotton from clothing scraps is also combined in the process as well, creating great paper products from wastes. The texture and feel of alternative fibers actually brings a unique feeling to packing and print work.


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